General information

We expect to welcome over 700 participants at the Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Conference, ANR2021. The ANR conference is aimed at all translational, clinical and fundamental researchers in the field of Neuroblastoma. Researchers and students active in the field of Neuroblastoma from all over the world are welcome.

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Frank Speleman and Prof. Dr. Rogier Versteeg

Local Organising Committee

Tom Boterberg
Annelies De Paepe
Katleen De Preter
Bram De Wilde
Antoinette Jaspers
Gilles Jonker
Jan Koster
Kathelijne Kraal
Tim Lammens
Geneviève Laureys
Lucas Matthyssens
Jan Molenaar
Frank Speleman
Lieve Tytgat
Jo Vandesompele
Max Van Noesel
Nadine Van Roy
Rogier Versteeg
Marc Wijnen

ANR Executive Board

Gudrun Schleiermacher (president)
Murray Norris (past president)
Julie Park (incoming president)
Ro Bagatell
Mike Hogarty
Godfrey Chan
Toby Trahair
Katleen de Preter
Matthias Fischer
Patrick Reynolds (webmaster)
Garret Brodeur (ANRA secretary)
Kate Matthay (local chair 2018)